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Cacao Tumbler

Cacao Tumbler

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Carry your cacao (or coffee, or tea) in this gorgeous, top-quality MiiR stainless steel  tumbler. (No creepy "stainless" tumblers from far away for us...this is a top of the line product!)

Design features signature M.O.M. artwork inspired by our love of cacao, microdosing and the the beautiful earth energy behind both of these heart opening plant medicines.

12 ounces
Dishwasher safe

We debuted these tumblers at the Psychedelic Science Conference and they sold so fast people were trying to barter for more! Our point: you're gonna love this. 

MiiR is a Climate Neutral Certified brand, which means that annually, they've committed to measuring and offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint while working to reduce emissions across the supply chain. From manufacturing to distribution, their products are climate neutral.

To become certified, MiiR follows a guided, 3-step process for measuring, offsetting, and reducing their carbon footprint, developed around peer-reviewed standards.
Every MiiR product sold helps fund transparent giving projects at the intersection of communities and the environment.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Qualify mug with awesome art. I’m proud to take it everywhere with me and do my part to promote the earth. 🍄

Rene Connolly (Kailua, US)
LOVE my tumbler!

The tumbler is super sturdy, keeps my beverages at the desired temperature (hot or cold!) and the artwork is just beyond! I love repping my M.O.M. gear and it always sparks great conversations:)